What is your student accommodation preference?

Fill out the survey and win an iPad! www.wonenalsstudent.nl (available in English)

As a student you want to live happily, affordably and safely in the city in which you study. This sounds easy but reality proves different. If you want to move you have to cope with waiting lines, high rents and (too) small rooms in areas you don’t want to live. Members of Kences Housing Corporations want to act on that. They are going to build affordable housing in areas where you do want to live, keeping your housing preferences in mind.

In order to find out how many students there will be, where they will study and how they want to live we conduct research, supported by the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom relations and universities (of applied sciences). If you truly want to change student housing, then participate in this survey.

Take the survey
Taking the survey is easy, just click on the following link: www.wonenalsstudent.nl. The questionnaire is some 35 questions and takes no more than 10 minutes to complete. An iPad 4 and several € 50 gift coupons are being raffled off among the participants.

What will be done with the results?
The results of the housing survey will be merged with information from other sources and result in the ‘student housing monitor’. This monitor provides us with information about how many students there will be in the near future and how they want to live. We use this knowledge to decide how much student housing, and of what kind, we have to build.

How will I be informed?
The survey will be online until 1 May 2015. After the summer of 2015 results will be presented on the website www.wonenalsstudent.nl. This survey is part of the yearly update of the 'Dutch National Monitor Student Housing'. With this monitor we inventory how students are currently living, and how they want to live in the (near) future. Your answers will be used to discover where there is a need for student housing and what kind of housing that should be.

Target Group
For our survey it doesn't matter what kind of student you are. Whether you are full-time student or part-time, or living at home with your parents/guardians or have your own household with partner and children. You are a student at a university (of applied sciences) and that's enough.