Welcome international students!

Welcome to all 1400 new international students! Since you have just arrived in the Netherlands, there are maybe a few things you don’t know. We may not have an internationally renowned cuisine, but we do have very delicious food! The SSH gives you a short list of things you should certainly try during your stay.

Now when you think of The Netherlands, the image that probably comes to mind is that of windmills, clogs, tulips and…cheese. Cheese or “kaas” is very important in the Netherlands. You could say it is one of the main food groups here. We put it on our bread for breakfast and lunch, but also eat it as a snack. Especially Gouda cheese is one you cannot miss out on!

Another well-known Dutch food item is the stroopwafel. This sticky sweet waffle can be found at any supermarket or tourist destination. The Dutch are very proud of these waffles. To be fair, they are very delicious!

Another tasty food item are poffertjes. They are tiny puffy pancakes and are usually eaten with melted butter and powdered sugar. The Dutch actually eat this sugary calorie-bomb for dinner! These you can also buy at any supermarket. Simply put them in the microwave and you’re done! A perfect meal for a student.

Licorice or “drop” is a well-known Dutch sweet. The Dutch are very fond of it since they eat 2 kilograms of it per person every year! The taste is hard to describe, but there are different kinds of licorice available. You can go for soft and sweet, hard and salty, or coin shaped drop.

In the Netherlands it is common to put chocolate on top your sandwich or “boterham”. Hagelslag are chocolate sprinkles, which you put on your boterham with some butter underneath so they don’t fall off (which they do anyway). It is delicious, but probably not very nutritious.

Now we’ve gone over cheese and sweets, you probably wonder what the Dutch have for dinner. A very traditional evening meal in the Netherlands is stamppot (loosely translates into stew or mash). To make this you mash potatoes and combine this with vegetables like kale, endive or sauerkraut. On top of this you put a rookworst, some gravy and you’re done!

We wish you an amazing time during your stay!