SSH succesfully removed asbestos from TWC

SSH finished removing the asbestos from the rooms in the Tuindorp West Complex (TWC). SSH built an App and hired a Moving Attendant  to make sure the removal went as swift as possible.

SSH decided to remove the asbestos from all 1232 rooms in TWC. This had been decided on the basis of an inventory that was made in the beginning of 2016 that  stated that the panelling around the window sill contained asbestos. This had to be removed from all the rooms, a huge operation. The project was completed within 6 months.

Moving Attendant
The removal was a huge operation. Tenants had to leave their room for a couple of nights. The SSH, the moving company, an installation company  and the asbestos removal complany worked closely together. The Moving Attendant that was hired for this purpose visisted each student unit to talk about the removal and solve problems that occured. The SSH builst an app where tenants could follow the work in their flat.

Tight Schedule
On Day 1, the moving company packed the belongings of the tenants. On day 2 a tent was placed around the window to close it off from the rest of the room. The radiator was disconnected from the wall and the asbestos removed. An inspector checked wether the room was indeed free of abestos. On day 3 the moving company unpacked the belongings of the tenants and put everything back in its original place. At the end of the third day the students could move back to their room.

“The entire operation was quite a hasle fort he tennants. There was noise nuisance and the students had to leave their room” says Muriel Levering Project Manager at SSH. SSH offered the tenants a financial compensation and tenants who had no place to go were offered to stay in a hotel.

Bye Bye Asbest!
SSH made a video to show how the asbestos removal was done “Tuindorp West, Bye Bye Asbest: