SSH is going to deal firmly with tenancy fraud

In recent weeks the SSH has received several complaints and reports about nuisance caused by tourists who were staying in accommodation of the SSH. It follows from our own investigation that several complexes offer apartments to let via Airbnb. This is in breach of the Tenancy Rules of the SSH for which each and every tenant has signed.

What are we going to do?
The SSH is going to deal firmly with tenancy fraud. We have recently created dossiers of SSH houses that are offered to let via (inter alia) Airbnb.

We shall institute legal proceedings for rescission of the tenancy agreement and we shall claim the enjoyed profits against tenants of whom we detected that they sublet or have sublet illegally and who do not report to the SSH before 8 August 2017. If tenants in Utrecht or Rotterdam are involved then we report the tenancy fraud to the municipality.

In case of new detections of tenancy fraud, we shall immediately take the indicated legal measures. If we find illegal sub-tenants in a house then we shall summon them to leave immediately.  

What are the rules?
Without consent of the SSH it is not allowed to sublet your room or house. It makes no difference whether it regards a long-term sub-tenancy or letting via Airbnb.