SSH houses students Erasmus University College

The first second and third year students of the Erasmus University College (EUC) have received the keys to their new rooms in Pand de Vries, on Monday 3 August 2015. In total there will be 22 EUC students living in the building of student accommodation provider SSH.

‘Pand de Vries’ is the first joint facility which will be inhabited only by second- and third-year students of the Erasmus University College. The building on the Struisenburgstraat in Rotterdam has recently been thoroughly renovated by SSH. In total there is room for 22 EUC students in Pand de Vries. The first second-year students move in this month.

About EUC en SSH
Erasmus University College is a three-year first-rate education in the field of liberal arts and sciences. SSH is a student accommodation provider in the Netherlands with more than 19,000 rooms and residences in the regions of Utrecht, Amersfoort, Maastricht, Tilburg, Rotterdam, Zwolle and Groningen.