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On Tuesday, 27 February (from 6:00 pm to 8:30 pm), tenants, board members of BoKS (the association for tenant representation) and SSH employees will use different formats to brainstorm ideas for our system of allocating housing to international students. 

We currently house most international students in the (Short Stay) accommodations reserved specifically for international students.  Those accommodations are furnished, and are rented based on contracts with a fixed start and end date for up to one year maximum.  Some of our international tenants are following a multi-year study programme and therefore remain in the Netherlands for more than one year.  They generally live in Short Stay accommodation for the first year. After that, they have to find another solution. The options for finding alternative housing are currently very limited. The SSH housing system makes it very difficult for this group of students to access other available housing.

The aim is to house a larger percentage of this group in regular housing so that we can keep Short Stay housing for students who will stay in the Netherlands for one year or less.

Your ideas?
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