Send in a name for new Groningen student building and win a bike!

Our newest student building in Groningen  - that is now called Trefkoel - deserves a new name! Would you like to help us name this new building? Check out the terms and submit your idea at the latest on 11 June.

About Trefkoel
This newly built student house is built by Groningen housing corporation Nijestee. SSH will rent out and manage the rooms. The building is beautifully located between the city centre of Groningen and the Zernike campus. The student house has a total of 465 accommodations, including 303 single rooms, 138 studios and 24 apartments. In september the students will move in. More on Trefkoel.

About the contest

  • We intend to find a fitting name for the building. When coming up with a new name, you can think of it's prospective tennants, international students, or think about the history of the area. Streetnames in the vicinity can also give you ideas. And should it be an English name, or a Dutch name ?
  • You can send in up to three names!
  • Read the terms of the contest here. They are in Dutch so here are the most important ones: the name should not be offensive or discriminatory and the winner should be able to attend the  ceremony on 28 June in Groningen.
  • Send your new name in via the Nijestee website.