Results of tackling illegal Airbnb rentals SSH

A few weeks ago, the SSH observed that in several buildings houses were offered as rentals via Airbnb. This tenancy fraud is not acceptable to the SSH and is dealt with firmly. Tenants who sublet their house illegally were given up to 8 August to report voluntarily. This possibility was relied on by 23 tenants. The tenancy agreement of six tenants was rescinded with immediate effect. In the coming weeks, the SSH is taking measures against 15 tenants who did not report.

Results of tackling tenancy fraud
On 26 July all tenants received an email in which the SSH explains that tenancy fraud is dealt with firmly. In the email the SSH offered tenants who sublet their house illegally the possibility of reporting voluntarily. This possibility was relied on by 23 tenants. Nineteen of these tenants received a warning. A financial settlement was agreed on with four tenants.

In the case of six tenants the violation of the tenancy rules was so serious that legal proceedings for rescission of the tenancy agreement were instituted immediately. These tenants have meanwhile left voluntarily.

Fifteen tenants, in respect of whom illegal subletting was observed, did not report voluntarily. On Friday 11 August they will receive a letter about the sanction that the SSH imposes on them. The sanction varies from a penalty to eviction proceedings. In the latter instance, the SSH also informs the municipality.

What does the SSH do with the collected penalties?
The penalties collected during the enforcement actions are used by the SSH for activities to avoid exploitation of tenants. An appropriate designation is sought in association with the umbrella organisation for tenants BoKS and student trade union Vidius.

Why is tenancy fraud dealt with firmly by the SSH?
The rooms and houses of the SSH are subsidised accommodations. The rent is kept artificially low in order that accommodation becomes available to students and starters. Many tenants receive a housing benefit. The SSH only gives consent to subletting if the sub-tenant belongs to the target group and pays the same rent amount as the tenant (potentially increased by an allowance for the use of inventory). This way the house is also used for its designated purpose when the tenant is, for instance, temporarily residing abroad. Houses of the SSH are not meant to make money with. Moreover, tourists who rent accommodation via Airbnb often cause nuisance in our buildings.

The SSH hopes that this approach of tenancy fraud gave a clear signal that illegal subletting is not tolerated. Read more about the rules for subletting.