Johanna's Wheels

Johanna has her own wheels! The newest student complex in Utrecht is not only special because of coffee bar The Village and laundrette "De Waskamer", it now also has its own cars. In collaboration with MyWheels and the city Utrecht The SSH has arranged sharing cars for the residents. At Johanna are an electrical car, an electrical minivan and two petrol cars.

Positive reponse
Tijmen, a student in Utrecht, was one of the first users of the cars. He is very positive. This is mostly because he was interested in the new electrical cars. “An electrical car is very nice and new, so that is why I was very curious. I wanted to try the sharing cars because I occasionally do sports in Hilversum. The train is not very reliable so that is why I decided to take the car. There are four cars so there is always one available en they are very easy to use. I enjoyed it very much.”

Managed by students
Samir and Lucas, both students in Utrecht, have taken the job of managing the four cars. They are both responsible for two cars and have to make sure that the usage of these cars goes well. Samir studies Logistics en Economy. “My function as manager of the sharing cars fits my interests and my new studies. I like the contact I have with people, but I also love the organizational part of it.”

Parallel parking
Samir says that students are very positive about this initiative. “I notice that the calendar get fuller and fuller, so people are starting to use it more. They are always very happy and thank me when I come to help. The other day someone called me because she needed help with parallel parking. I came to help her immediately."

Chemical samples
Manager Samir goes on: “There was also a girl that had to go to Amsterdam but she could not take the train because she had to take chemical samples with her for her studies. She was very happy that she could use a car instead.”

Crate of beer
Student Youri is also very positive: “Owning a car is not doable for a student. This means that the only alternative are expensive rental cars. The new sharing cars make it a lot easier to collect some stuff, to go on a daytrip or to get a couple of crates of beer. I hope to see it more in the future!" Tijmen also sees posibilities for the future: “It is a very good initiative and I think that other student cities will definitely use sharing cars in the future.”

How does it work
The residents of Johanna can make a MyWheels account via the website to reserve a car. There is an app in which you can see when the cars are available. You do not need a card or a key, you can open and close the doors of the cars with the MyWheels app.