It's that simple

Today we’re launching SSH Sustainable, our policy to ensure that we’re a CO2 neutral organization by 2050! The program consists of investments in the sustainability of our homes, offices, and actions that will make it easier for residents to make sustainable choices.

In the upcoming years, we will make our buildings sustainable. Installing LED lighting everywhere and substantial renovations of monumental complexes are just a few examples.

In addition to our residential buildings, the SSH-offices use of 100% Dutch wind energy. Our head office is connected to district heating, and there are solar panels on the roof that generate electricity for neighbours.

Most importantly, to achieve our goal of being a CO2 neutral organization by 2050, we need the help of our residents. Even when buildings are well isolated, the effects will be minimal if residents have their windows open while the heating is fully on. Therefore, this campaign motivates our residents to make conscious, sustainable decisions. Today we start with the introduction of our sustainable policy, and in the upcoming years, we will focus on behavioral change of our residents and new sustainable initiatives from residents.

Combating climate change is a matter of doing. With an entrepreneurial attitude and the will to invest, we are saving every day. It's that simple.

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