International students give music lessons to refugees

During their short stay in The Netherlands, two students from Hong Kong wanted to do more than to only attend classes. The tenants of M-Building of SSH Student Housing helped as a volunteer at the asylum center in Maastricht.

Turkish songs
Thomas came to Maastricht for a semester to take classes. Usually, international students focus on meeting other students during their stay. But Thomas wanted to do more: “I wanted to do something special in Maastricht to make my exchange experience more special, and that was why I decided to look for chances to be a volunteer” He gave piano and singing lessons to refugees. Not only enjoyable for the refugees, but also for Thomas. His musical repertoire has been extended because of it: “I was happy to meet the refugees living at AZC. We played a few songs and sang together, mainly Turkish songs since they could only do those.”

Get connected
Also Triones from Hong Kong wanted to get in touch with refugees. ”I wanted to be exposed and connected to the refugee issue.” She offered vocal coaching to Mohammad from Syria. She has positive recollections of meeting him: “He even offered to cook Syrian food for me.”

Triones and Thomas have returned to Hong Kong by now. They would definitely recommend to others to work as volunteers. Also some of their housemates at M-Building offered to be a volunteer at the asylum center, but unfortunately did not always have a match. SSH gives you all a big thumbs up!