International Student Week

From the 16th until the 21st of November International Student Week takes place in the Netherlands. During this week, special attention is paid to the 90,000 international students who are living and studying in the Netherlands at the moment. International students like to live and study in the Netherlands. The number increases every year and this year 10% of students in the Netherlands are from abroad. 

Especially for this week, you can follow a livestream on Twitter on which you can follow a day in the life of an international student every day. Here you can see how these students live, which lectures they go to, how they try to learn different languages by taking language courses and sometimes they even teach at bilingual schools. You can follow these livestreams on and and via #weekintlstudent

At the end of the week, a career event will take place in Den Haag. Here students will follow workshops and trainings to learn how to launch their careers. Next to this event, fun activities are planned for the entire week. For example, the campus of the University of Groningen in Friesland organises a special 'stamppot avond', which is a typical Dutch dish.

Not only the Netherlands take part in honouring their international students; at universities all over the world fun events are organised such as workshops and dinner party's. In America for example, special Thanksgiving dinners are organised so that international students can become acquainted with the culture. In Arkansas, Vietnamese students have organised a fun workshop on how to eat with chopsticks.

In short, this is a very fun and informative week for students all over the world!