How welcoming are you?

Open windows, unlocked doors, valuables clearly in sight. For most burglars it is a piece of cake to enter a house and student houses are often an easy target... How horrible would you feel if a thief runs off with your laptop and also takes your assignments, photos or papers?

What can you do to prevent burglary?
1. Do not leave doors and windows open. Even a small bathroom window can be enough for a burglar to enter your house
2. Check your room and register all your valuables in the ‘Stop Heling’ app, to prevent the handling of stolen goods. Very handy for insurance and police:, when stolen goods are discovered, they immediately know that they are yours.
3. Activate anti-theft software on your computer and mobile phone. With Track & Trace software you increase the chance to find your stolen devices quickly (check
4. “Crook proof” your smartphone in 15 seconds:

Anti-theft campaign
The ant-theft campaign is part of a wider campaign initiated by the Ministry of Security and Justice. The Utrecht municipality focuses on the frequent theft in student housing and SSH supports this campaign. With the 4 tips students can help to prevent theft, or at least make it burglars more difficult to steal their valuables.