Enter the accommodation survey and win €100!

Starting 13 March, all students in Dutch higher education will have the opportunity to make their housing preferences known. The annual survey of student accommodation preferences was set up by Kences, the national association for the student housing sector. The survey is part of the Dutch national student housing monitor, an ongoing survey. It is supported by the Dutch Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations, the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, the Association of Universities of Applied Sciences, and the Association of Universities in the Netherlands. Those wishing to take the online survey of student accommodation preferences may do so from 13 March to 28 April 2017.

Students want pleasant and affordable housing, preferably close to their university and to all the amenities that a town or city has to offer. Students looking for suitable accommodation often find themselves dealing with long waiting lists, high rental fees and tiny rooms in neighbourhoods where they would rather not live. The purpose of this survey is to ensure a better match between the supply of student housing and the demand for housing by Dutch and foreign students.

Kences managing director Ardin Mourik: ‘It’s always exciting to see what the survey will reveal each year. I expect the sections on affordability and internationalisation will be especially interesting this year. We’ve fine-tuned the questions without losing our basis for comparison with previous years. I think we’ll be issuing an interesting report in the autumn. But that naturally depends on having as many students as possible take the survey.’

Kences developed the national student housing monitor in 2012, in cooperation with the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations. One key component of the monitor is the annual student accommodation preferences survey. Last year, 45,113 students indicated their housing preferences. Those preferences must be reviewed continuously so that universities and property managers know the number and types of units that they should plan for at each location. Kences expects there to be considerable interest in the monitor outcomes related to ‘affordability of student housing’ and ‘accommodation preferences of foreign students’.

The results of the 2017 student housing monitor will be presented during the National Student Housing Conference, which will take place on 5 October this year. The student accommodation preferences survey is available here (in both Dutch and English). Students who take the survey are eligible to win € 100 worth of vouchers.

Kences is an alliance of thirteen professional social student housing providers in the Netherlands. They are:  DUWO, Idealis, De Key, De Veste, Lefier, AlleeWonen, SJHT, SSH, SSHN, Stadswonen Rotterdam (part of Woonstad Rotterdam), WonenBreburg, Vestide (part of Woonbedrijf) and Woonpunt. Kences is working to ensure good and affordable housing in virtually every university town and city