Eat with your neighbours with the Sharood App

Eating together is something you probably do often. But how do you meet new people and eat something different once in a while? 

SSH started a collaboration with Sharood. Sharood launched a new app in the Cambridgelaan, Bischoppen, Casa Confetti and Johanna buildings. It is an app that allows you to post a meal and invite your neighbors to come and eat with you. It gives you the opportunity to meet new people living near you and to eat for free. 

How does it work?
You post a meal in the App and you indicate for how many people you cook. Uithof residents can subscribe to your meal, The cook earns "cookies" a virtual payment method. The cook can spend his "cookies" to pay for the next meal at someone elses house. So you do not have to drag bottles of wine or desserts with you. The only currency are the cookies!

Did you know about 50 different nationalities live at The Uithof? This is your chance to eat proper Fu Yung Hai or a Dutch Boerenkoolstamppot!

Eating together is a lot cheaper than cooking only for yourself. You don't have to cook for the entire flat or make a 10-course meal. On the contrary: Sharood is perfect for cooking a few extra portions for a fast bite on a weekday.

More info?
Check the website Sharood is on Facebook: