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28 Jan 2020

Steeds meer SSH-collega’s versturen hun zakelijke post digitaal. Hierdoor neemt het aantal brieven en pakketjes dat de postbode bij ons ophaalt ied

14 Jan 2020

On Wednesday morning January 15 and Thursday afternoon January 16, the electricity cables in the city center of Utrecht will be replaced.

24 Dec 2019

We hope you enjoyed Christmas and we wish you a very happy 2020!

11 Oct 2019

Op 11 oktober ondertekenen diverse jeugdinstellingen en de SSH een samenwerkingsovereenkomst om jongeren vanuit diverse jeugdhulpinstellingen uit U

08 Oct 2019

Due to a technical malfunction it can occur that you cannot see your new contract via My SSH. Also there are some problems with uploading files.

30 Apr 2019

Upcoming Wednesday (1st of may) it will be bank holiday in the Netherlands, this means, that most of the banks have a limited flow of transactions.

26 Apr 2019

Be prepared, on 27 April oranjegekte (orange madness) will  take over The Netherlands!

01 Mar 2019

Due to a technical malfunction it can occur that you cannot see the payment page or make a payment via My SSH.

01 Mar 2019

Directeur bestuurder Ton Jochems heeft na bijna twintig jaar afscheid genomen van de SSH.