The SSH is the student accommodation provider in the Netherlands with more than 19,000 rooms and residences in the regions of Utrecht, Amersfoort, Maastricht, Tilburg, Rotterdam, Zwolle and Groningen. Since 1956, we have been making a case for good and affordable accommodations for students and special groups of young people.

Real life starts at SSH
Times are changing, also for today’s students. The rate at which they have to complete their studies is high and the student grants have recently been turned into loans. SSH therefore sees it as its task to provide this target group with good and affordable rooms and residences. The reason is that living pleasantly and feeling at home somewhere form the main foundation of a fantastic and successful time for every student. In order to achieve this, the SSH focuses on the following:

  • building new and contemporary student complexes;
  • buying residences and making them suitable as student houses;
  • promoting the advancement of students to starter homes.

Integrity & Governance

As a social organization, SSH deploys careful business operations, whereby 'Good Governance' is the main focus. For this purpose, the Governance code for Housing Corporations was drawn up. The Governance code indicates how a corporation should be managed and contains guidelines for, for instance, the functioning of the management and of the Supervisory Board. SSH follows this Governance code: PDF iconGovernancecode woningcorporaties.pdf

Our organization focuses on being as honest as possible in dealing with our customers, suppliers and relations, with each other and with company properties. Openness (transparency), consultation and own responsibility are vital with regard to this. What the SSH understands by integrity and where the limits lie for the SSH are described in the so-called integrity policy: PDF iconIntegriteitscode.pdf (in Dutch)

Why an integrity policy?
Housing corporations have an important social task: namely to provide proper accommodation, primarily for the lower income groups. This requires professionalism, reliability and transparency from the organization, certainly in the regions where the housing need is high. SSH can monitor the integrity policy by setting up an internal contact and a whistle blower’s scheme PDF iconKlokkenluidersregeling SSH.pdf (in Dutch).

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